Security & Privacy

Your privacy is our priority.

We recognise that your personal information is important to you and share your concerns about how information is collected, used and shared. We are committed to safeguarding your personal information and will always handle your personal information securely and carefully.
Virtuascape is committed to complying with all applicable Australian Privacy Laws and ensures that our staff are aware of their obligations. The following should give you a greater understanding on how we collect and use customer information.
Why we collect information, we collect information for a number of reasons including:
• To deliver products or services to you
• To better understand your requirements and preferences
• Improve our service
• Provide offers that are of greater interest or benefit to you
How we collect this information
We collect information in the following ways:
• When you order goods or services
• If you pre-order products or services
What we collect
The personal information we collect is in most cases supplied by you when you place an order or provide feedback to us.
• Name
• Address
• Delivery address
• Phone number
• E-mail address