Why Buy Lupine Lights?

5 good reasons.

Lupine represents quality made in Germany, for more than 25 years.
All of our lights are developed and produced in Germany. Most components are produced in either Germany or in neighbouring countries that match our demands regarding quality and durability. Thereby we achieve an very high quality level and very low defect rate.

Lupine is a German company that designs and manufactures high-performance LED lights for various outdoor activities, including cycling, running, hiking, and skiing. Here are some features that make Lupine lights popular among outdoor enthusiasts:

1. Brightness and beam pattern: Lupine lights use high-quality LEDs and advanced optics to produce a bright and even beam with a long throw. Depending on the model, Lupine lights can produce up to 7,000 lumens of brightness, making them suitable for demanding night-time activities.

2. Battery life and capacity: Lupine lights use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with high capacity and long run times. Some models offer up to 80 hours of run time on a single charge, allowing you to use them for multiple nights without recharging.

3. Durability and weather resistance: Lupine lights are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. They are made of high-quality materials and designed to be impact-resistant and waterproof. Refer to individual models for IP ratings.

4. User-friendliness and customization: Lupine lights come with intuitive controls and various modes and settings that allow you to customize the brightness, beam pattern, and battery life according to your needs and preferences. Some models also come with wireless remote controls or Bluetooth connectivity, making them easy to use and adjust while on the move.

5. Accessories and cross-compatibility: Lupine lights come with a huge range of accessories and options. Accessories, including the batteries can be shared across different systems, allowing future upgrades and total flexibility.

Overall, Lupine lights are well known for their high-quality construction, advanced features, and reliable performance, making them a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts who demand the best from their gear.