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Charger One

Charger One

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Charger One for charging our Li-Ion batteries with 7.2V system (not suitable for the Alpha battery). The charger shows information about the charging status such as voltage and charged amps via the display.
With the 12V adapter, the Charger One can be used on the car cigarette lighter.

The Charger One is controlled by a microprocessor and has different charging and discharging functionswhich can be selected manually:
1. Li-ion charging program (default program; 0.1 to 2.5A) - to charge the battery
2. Li-Ion discharge program (0.1 to 0.5A) - to discharge the battery. (Do not store batteries empty)
3. Discharge and charge program - full charge after previous discharge
4. 50% storage program - charge the battery to 50% (for storage)
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