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Neo Head Lamp

Neo Head Lamp

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The 1000 lumen Neo headlamp is our smallest lamp and only weighs around 50g.

The lamp head comes with the Lupine FrontClick system and can be easily converted to a helmet or another headband.
The aluminium housing has active heat management for maximum efficiency. The Neo offers a red light function, five
different light levels (0.3W/40 lumens - 10W/1000 lumens), SOS, RVLR and alpine emergency signal.
Cable length at lamphead approx. 25cm.

The 3.5 Ah battery supplies the lamp with power for up to 80 hours (2.0 Ah up to 48 hours) and is also attached to the helmet
using the FastClick system. In addition to the battery size, you can also choose between HardCase and SmartCore.
Alternatively, it can be stowed in a backpack with a longer cable.

Like all Lupine lamps, the Neo is both waterproof and shockproof according to IP68 and IK09.

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